Top Ten as at 8th August 2021

None of the ten names have changed from last month but there are a few position changes due partly to additional purchases.

1 Roku 7.7%

2 AMD. 6.8%

3 Nvidia. 5.7%

4 Zoom. 5.4%

5 Marvell. 5.2%

6 Magnite. 4.6%

7 Voyager. 4.1%

8 FuboTV. 3.9%

9 Shopify. 3.8%

10. SOI.L. 3.7%

These holdings total 50.9% of the total portfolio investments. Small holdings are either waiting for additional purchases or earmarked for sale.

This is not investment advice. For that you need a registered/qualified professional adviser or broker.

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