Top Ten as at 11th July 2021

I have looked at consolidated holdings across my portfolios today and compiled a list of the top ten holdings by value. This is not a recommended list or any such thing – just a statement of where I am invested at the present time.

No 1. Roku at 8.4%

No 2 Nvidia at 5.5%

No3 Advanced Micro Devices at 5.0%

No 4 Marvell Technology at 4.8%

No5 Magnite at 4.4%

No6 FuboTV at 4.2%

No7 Voyager Digital at 4.0%

No 8 Zoom at 3.7%

No 9 Schroder Oriental Income at 3.6%

No 10 Shopify at 3.6%

These holdings account for 47.2% of my portfolios at the present time.

It’s good doing an exercise like this once in a while. In addition to the bigger holdings you might see some down in the 1% area. Certainly a good excuse to sell anything below 1% – how can a holding that size make any difference ?

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