Switch amid the turmoil

If you remember, Roku were about 103 at the end of July. During early August the upward momentum resumed. My shares are owned within two funds, and one fund has already reduced. So now it was the turn of my pension to reduce, as the valuation exceeded 10% of this fund. So I took a profit on 100 shares at 132.82 yesterday.

I was also looking to start a holding in Mongo DB, so I bought 100 of these at 142.83. Don’t actually know too much about Mongo’s software, but I’m told the stock is worth owning although averaging up or down will most likely be needed to put a holding together.

As regards Roku, this remains my largest holding – and I have been happy with the product too.

There has been market turmoil so far in August. As it is the holiday season the office juniors are in charge of the funds and markets. So do not be surprised- the stocks do not know that you own them.

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