Sale of Slack, purchase of more Zoom

Prior to quarterly results I made a decision to sell Slack (WORK) as the stock had been underperforming and there might be better opportunities to reacquire when valuation looks more reasonable in relation to growth. The sale went through at 22.09 giving a loss on all accounts except the ISA.

Also noticed that Knox Ridley intended to add to Zoom (ZM) following a price drop after their quarterly results, so increased my holding – buying 200 for my ISA @ 63.38

The point has been made that both companies face competition from big tech, notably Microsoft. My feeling is that Zoom could be the better opportunity of the two because it has more of a global reach. Big tech will also be constrained from seeking monopolies by politics – it’s better to have at least one competitor at present to avoid anti trust actions, and try to increase the size of the overall market.

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