I like looking at new concepts in home entertainment, and only discovered Roku quite by accident. I bought a Samsung TV in Barbados, and the screen failed just after the warranty period.
It was a Smart TV and I was using an Android Kodi box which turned out to be complex and near useless.
So I replaced with a Hitachi Roku TV and what a difference – wow – even though quite a few apps are geographically unavailable. So I’m using mostly Netflix and YouTube through Roku, although other stuff should be available through a laptop that can use Kaspersky servers in various countries.
I see that the company originally spun off from Netflix, and got a quote in September 2017. It also acquired a Danish Smart Speaker company last November and is launching a product now which will only work with Roku TVs and produce better sound than sound bars – with no wires.
So Roku looks interesting, and I guess that their (also new) web based service may come into its own after 5G if those wearable products that enable people to order up a screen on their large white wall become a reality.
The question that I ask myself is whether Roku will be to TV what DOS and Windows are to PCs. Should certainly help with reducing billing from cable and satellite TV providers.

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