Quarter end figures and subsequent trades

The SIPP portfolio did well over the quarter returning 7.48% on a time weighted basis. The one year figures showed a time weighted return of 26.45%.

There was one trade after the quarter end – an additional purchase of FuboTV to bring this holding up to weight.

The Personal Portfolio returns were a bit lower. Up 4.65% over the quarter and 24.22% over a year on a time weighted basis.

After the quarter end there was a small reduction in the Roku holding which needed the weighting in this portfolio reduced. Also a small purchase of Vuzix to increase the overall weighting.

The figures for the two portfolios are never going to be equal because of differences in holdings and cash content. However many of the core holdings are split between the two.

The aim remains to invest mostly in technology for the time being. If the SIPP Portfolio continues to grow there could come a point where half of each holding is sold to enable two different strategies to be pursued.

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