Property in Barbados Part 2

I have covered the reasons for buying on the West Coast in my previous article. Looking at all the options the Porters/Mount Standfast postal area is one of the best locations.

Starting at the North end of the Coast Road and working down you first come to Heywoods – an OK area near Speightstown. Problem here is lack of access to the sea – Port St Charles (a walled yacht marina) is across the road and Sandals are planning to build a huge new resort just to the South. Although there is supposed to be public access to the beach you can be sure that Sandals will find some way of restricting access, so forget this area.

Moving down from Speightstown, you come to Mullen’s. The beach here has not only been eroded, but also the restaurant and beach bar has been acquired by Royal Westmorland as part of their beach club complex. This has devalued Mullens as a location.

A bit further South you come to Lone Star – a restaurant and small hotel on Alleynes Beach. There is beach access at two points nearby, two extra beach bars, and plenty of space to put up your own chairs if you live nearby. Just up from Footprints – a remodelled beachside House once owned by Bob Monkhouse – there are properties and plots just a short walk from the beach and this is my preferred location on the West Coast.

A bit further South you have Holetown with its modernised Massy supermarket – selling some Waitrose stuff too. Nearby is Sunset Crest and Sandy Lane, both popular places to own property. Sunset Crest is broadly OK, but the development was built a long time ago on a coastal swamp, and heavy rainfall results in flooding of parts of the development. Not much of a beach either. Sandy Lane starts behind Sunset Crest and spreads to the South and East. Some of our friends have rented there, and say the housing area is deserted – so not ideal unless you have a large dog (like our friends).

Not sure about Sandy Lane fees, but golf club membership is an enormous expense.

Noticed Royal Westmorland have also been building up In the Porters Road area. Walking to the beach from here might look OK on the map, but expect to sweat pints of water on the way back. A neighbour looked into their fees and thought they were exorbitant, and apparently you need to join their beach club at Mullen’s and use their cleaners, etc. Recent sales have mostly been off plan, which adds large commissions into the pricing.

Just South of the Sandy Lane hotel complex is One Sandy Lane, best beachside address on the island with Rihanna as a neighbour. Billionaires only.

Moving South there are many nice expensive houses with beach access. Two strikes against these are road noise and storms – tropical storms can remove beaches and with sea levels generally expected to rise over time it is best to leave these houses as expensive holiday rentals.

Batts Rock to the South offers some elevation and a pleasant beach with a beach restaurant – La Cabane. Not far from the Carlton supermarket which is large and sells some Tesco products.

As an aside, avoid cheap pasta as it sticks together. The Waitrose and Tesco products are a bit more expensive, but made in Italy as opposed to Costa Rica. Italian is a very clear winner, and packaging is also less likely to let in weevils while unopened.

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