The April 2019 Update

My big tech names have not changed price much in April – except for Microsoft up from 117.97 to 130.60. Alibaba 185.57 vs 183.60, Nvidia 181 vs 179.56, Roku 63.59 vs 64.48 were flat. The reason behind Microsoft’s rise was bumper earnings, partly fuelled by Cloud growth, and the realisation by Wall Street that the Pentagon contract has narrowed to a shortlist of two, so either Amazon or Microsoft will be the winner.

Premier Oil improved from 93.55 to 99.78 after low 100s. I remain optimistic but took a partial profit during April at about 97. BAT eased from 3194 to 2990 – still a buy according to Smart Chartist. Prudential improved to 1735 – the spin off of M&G is scheduled for later this year. Bought some a while ago at 1800, averaged at 1600, so not much here yet. Despite severe reservations about useless management I retained Vodafone in my ISA at 139 having taken a tax loss in the real world.

Smaller holdings in Bango – 113 vs 110, and S4 – Sir Martin Sorrell’s new digital media agency- improved a bit, and Smithson Investment Trust – my Woodford replacement – moved up from 1146 to 1216.

Also noted that quality dividend stocks on Wall Street improved as my mega cheap expense ratio SCHD was up a bit at 53.96. Not as big a holding as Smithson, but I do also have quite a large holding in Findlay Park American – probably a closed shop to most investors.

As far as 5G goes, I was out of the sector and bought a few Nokia ADRs at 5.38 the other day – closed the month a few cents cheaper.

Also hold a number of funds that need thorough reviews and changes, so will have plenty to think about in May.

Overall investment account cash seems to hover in the 20 – 30 % range – there is no particular reason for me to be fully invested – much easier to operate using cash, creating cash.

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