Sale of BAT and purchase of Boingo

During the second half of December the remaining holding in BAT was sold at 3179p. Standing a bit higher today, but overall strategy is to exit tobacco shares and not get involved in fossil fuels – although BP or Royal Dutch might be considered from time to time.

I previously noted that I would not be buying US small caps and bought an ETF instead. However this ETF could not get approval for my ISA account, so was left with a smaller overall holding than planned.

Today I bought a smallish holding in Boingo @ $10.84. This company provides WiFi services – notably in airports – that are a lot quicker than free services. The interesting development is the company’s expertise in capturing WiFi signals, bearing in mind that 5G signal capture is a whole new ballgame. As the shares were double the current level earlier in 2019, and the tax loss sale season is coming to a close, I thought a purchase before the year was a good idea. Boingo is a small cap with a chart going back to 2011 , so not a unicorn.

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