Recent trades

At the end of September Roku dipped below $100 and two lots of 50 shares were purchased at 98.90 and 99.13. The intention was to trade 100 shares out on a rally, so perhaps a sale will follow soon.

My Zoom holding was also doubled buying 150 at 74.97. While Zoom has a long runway and very high valuation, it would be a shame to miss out on the disruption of the video conferencing space worldwide.

You may remember that Snap provided a profitable trade over the last quarterly figures. Now analysts are becoming a bit more bullish, yet the share price is weak again.
So I bought 1000 @ 14.31 early October. Not sure whether this is another trading opportunity or a longish term holding. Can’t make head or tail of their Snapchat app but apparently it has appeal to millennials and might start making money soon.

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