Premier Oil /Roku

Did I tell you that I split my original Premier holding between two funds back in March. ?I used one fund for trading – and took a short term profit here – then bought back at an average price around today’s level. As this second trading attempt has pulled back from loss making to break even I have once again sold this part of my holding. That leaves the other half in my longer term fund, where the exposure is less than 3%. It also leaves the trading side with a nice overall profit on the two trades since March.

I am also wondering how the Roku share price will react to the next quarterly numbers due early August. Roku remains a pure streaming play – the only other one is Netflix who will need to spend more on creating content now that competitors are removing their toys from the playpen. The next wars will be all about content and getting people on the hook with low starting subscriptions, which should not harm Roku’s user numbers. However ARPU cannot be expected to rise while there is intense competition for new premium channel subscribers.

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