Part Way through May

May has been a strange month so far, and U.S.shares have held up better than U.K. shares. Among my tech sector choices Microsoft has come back to 125.74 – filling the gap created by upside earnings surprise last month. Nvidia has retreated to 160.36, which looks weird in relation to the strength in the Bitcoin price. Alibaba came back below 170 on fears about new trade tariffs, but promptly rallied to 177.50 after better than expected earnings. If this was the buying opportunity which my Smart Person was looking for she’d have needed to be very quick !

Roku has been a star, rising from 63.59 to 84.80. This was on earnings and subscriber numbers. One thing I noticed this month is that articles written by Motley Fool have been appearing on Yahoo Finance. Apparently they now recommend the stock, although I would have hoped that the recommendation came in the 60s if I was one of their customers. But Motley Fool is a tiered service so the people paying thousands of dollars at the top end would have been told to buy first ! Not good.

Zayo attracted a buyout at about 35, but as this is unlikely to go through till next year I have taken the advice of Travis Johnson at Stock Gumshoe (also a holder) and exited at 32.95.

Not very enamoured of the U.K. market where BAT weakened further to 2904, Prudential lost traction at 1623, and Vodafone produced a mega loss and cut the dividend. However I did buy a new holding in Superdry just the other day at 452.76, primarily because I believe that the chain can be turned around sufficiently to show me a reasonable profit. My old friend John Sier – who managed the BAT pension fund – said never to trust apparel companies, so will await progress on the revamp.

Also just sold LondonMetric Property in my ISA account, as a bit ahead of events I think although continuing to like the management. Staying within my ISA added to Schwab US Dividend Equity ETF at about 52.76 – now a bit easier on trade spat with China – and may take this holding a bit further up in size as it started fairly small and I think it should be large !

And congratulations to Harry Dalmeny if he is reading – for conducting the auction sale of the Monet for $97 million – that’s $110.7million inclusive of buyers premium.

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