More October trades – Nokia disappoints big time

Zoom continued down to its next support level so I bought another 150 in the real world at 63.90. Mentioned to an ex client with landed estates – he already uses Zoom to videoconference what is happening on his farms and woodlands, while his day job might see him in London, New York, or any other major centre for the arts.

As for Nokia, a huge disappointment as earlier guidance withdrawn, dividend suspended – that’s a 100% cut while new guidance for 2020 looks like 40% down. That sounds like the ADR is headed for USD3 or thereabouts – Travis on Stock Gumshoe sold his at 3.90 and I followed him the next day at 3.79. To me the whole spectacle of a telecoms equipment company losing its way reminds me of GEC in the U.K., a company built over many years by Lord Weinstock only to be trashed by new management during the internet boom around 1999/2000.

Good news that Microsoft has been awarded the Pentagon contract. $10 billion over 10 years will not make a huge amount of difference to earnings, but is a great advertisement for their cloud business, second only to Amazon at the present time. And if we are worried about Green New Deal then Microsoft sits well given Bill Gates’ philanthropic interests.

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