Marijuana and the Juul

I have been reading about the legalisation of marijuana in the U.S. with some interest, as some of the investment tip sheets have been promoting the shares of growers. My main concern is the availability of guns to people smoking pot, especially if they are in the group who are more likely to develop mental illness such as schizophrenia. So I think that this is an area where investment is best left to others.In addition to this,I just read an interesting post pointing out that corn rose from 4 dollars a bushel in 2010 to eight dollars in 2013, and is now back down to four dollars – the reason was farmers planting more corn after ethanol production drove the price higher. Apparently the pot market is already oversupplied and prices have fallen substantially.
Also reading about the Juul – which has grabbed a sizeable market share of the e-cigarette market according to Nielsen.
Juul Labs is at present a small unquoted business, but has raised substantial funding in unquoted convertible notes. It is interesting because the other big players are mostly “big tobacco” companies like BAT. The Juul looks like a long memory stick and works discretely – unlike some of the steam engines – so I can see that it will appeal to the millennials. Should be big enough to get a market listing soon.

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