Half a year gone – end June update

Starting with US quoted technology holdings, Alibaba rallied during June from 149.26 to 169.45. A HongKong listing is planned for later in the year, so the stock has been split to appeal to Chinese investors. ADRs now represent eight shares each. Nvidia rose from 135.46 to 164.23. I assume that the resurgence of the Bitcoin price has been helping reduce inventory. Microsoft rallied from 123.68 to 133.96 and is still in the run off for the Pentagon Cloud contract that was supposed to be decided months ago. Seems the peacetime Pentagon is run by a bunch of cunctators and need a new Ike to kick their asses. Roku were unchanged at 90.58 after a run up to 108 – I assume because of the Motley Fool pump. Seems David and Tom finally got the message that this stock could keep doubling and redoubling.

US dividend equities were doing well too, as SCHD improved from 49.47 to 53.07 and VIG were up from 108 to 115.16

Started to follow Slack (WORK) now it is listed, but did not buy any yet. The NYSE tentative valuation was 26 but it started much higher and is now 37.50.

The U.K. market fared worse than the U.S. with many stocks unchanged . Smithson IT was an improver from 1128 to 1234 – so was Prudential from 1577 to 1716 ahead of the M&G spin off. I assume that fund management companies have lost a bit of sparkle after the Woodford debacle, which has left big holders like Hargreaves Lansdown wide open to litigation as systemic risk was present and became obvious – perhaps their fund selectors are cunctators too !

Actually bought an item at Superdry – a St Tropez beach bag – but the stock was unchanged at 461 despite my help with sales.

Among the smaller companies there was not much change in S4 but Bango were a bit disappointing- down from 98 to 88.5 with no news – possibly market makers shaking the tree and building a back book, but this stuff is all done in dark pools so who knows.

Just caught the Trump meeting with Little Kim in the DMZ, and the easing of US sanctions on China.. The question that I guess nobody will ask is the role of Xi in this interaction. It would be good for both the U.S. and China if Korean problems can be solved, and would allow the U.S. to concentrate their effort on their most dangerous enemies both in Iran and wherever else in the World they are hiding.

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