End October prices

It is useful for me to have a timeline on month end prices that I can look at just like that.So the list starts with US tech, then funds, then U.K. investment trusts and funds.

BABA 176.67, NVDA 201.02, MSFT 143.37, ROKU 147.20, WORK 22.00, SNAP 15.06, MDB 127.77, WDAY 162.16, ZM 69.89

Findlay Park 129.81, SCHD 55.52, VIG 119.61

SSON 1202, FEET 1177, Ab Euro Inc 94, Johcm inc 188, Laz Globalinc 107, Trojan X inc 105, Thread U.K. inc 144,( Buffettology 322p on 1/11)

There is not much on my watchlist. Pinterest just had a disappointing quarter so chances are the price will be more like 20 than 25 with many people stopped out.

Some older small holdings are gradually being disposed of to generate cash.

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