End November update

As things turned out November was a surprisingly good month for most of the technology stocks in the portfolios. The three with negligible changes were WORK 22.82, SNAP 15.25, and PINS 19.48.

BABA finally went ahead with their HongKong listing and the ADR price improved from 176.67 to 200 even. My best guess is that Beijing decided that a mega listing would help restore confidence in HK as a financial centre despite the protests and riots. Notable gains were also made by NVDA 216.74, MSFT 151.38, ROKU 160.37, MDB 148.70, WDAY 179.12, and ZM 74.50.

In the real world the general strength in US equities was reflected in Findlay Park American – up from 129.81 to 134.60, SCHD up from 55.52 to 57.09, and VIG up from 119.61 to 122.54.

U.K. funds and investment trusts were generally a bit firmer. However SSON up from 1202 to 1302, and the Buffettology fund up from 322 to 343 stood out as gainers while FEET lost a bit from 1177 to 1138. There is a U.K. General Election on 12th December and Sterling has remained reasonably strong. Once again the result is unpredictable despite opinion polls showing this and that. Theresa May experienced this last year.
People in general are sick and tired of the whole political class.

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