End May Review

May was notable for an escalation in the trade war between the US and China, and the month ended with the beginning of another spat between the US and Mexico.

So prices of tech stocks were pretty weak, the worst being Nvidia at 135.46 and Alibaba at 149.26, and the best Roku at 90.40 and Microsoft at 123.68. As regards transactions I added to Microsoft, made small averaging purchases of Nvidia and Alibaba, and sold 10% of my Roku holding at 94.10 after a big mark up.

U.K. stocks had a horrible month too, with BAT back to 2760, Prudential at 1577 ( they do have a big Far East life and pensions business amongst other things), Superdry at 462 after >500 (did look to see if they manufactured in China or Mexico, but according to their website they do not – but do sell a bit of merch in Mexico). Premier Oil came back to 78.74 after I bought back 60% of the shares I sold at 97 at about 83. They don’t produce in Mexico yet, so down to the oil price – questions are whether I buy any more, and if so go back to my original position or go to 120%.

There was no news on the smaller holdings, so Bango followed tech down, while S4 was firm for no discernible reasons.

The US dividend indices based ETFs held up reasonably well and there is a case for adding more on further market weakness.

On the political front Theresa May is finally quitting and hopefully there could be a harder line “No deal on Brexit” PM – at least they could gain a bit of respect after May’s appeasement, as the Eurotrash seem to have made it their business to belittle Britain, and it would be good to see Barnier, Junker et al shot down in flames over the Channel.

Donald Trump announced his re-election campaign, AOC did a bit of bartending while campaigning for a minimum wage – a good idea for the US as there should be some attempt to rebalance wealth and income before social problems proliferate.

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