End December update

As outlined in previous posts the season for taking tax losses ends on 31st December in the United States. The S&P 500 Index was up 28.9% in 2019, so it does not come as a surprise to find weakness in tech stocks that are well down from recent highs, and strength in similar stocks that are up near their highs.

The “weak” stocks were ROKU 133.90, MDB 131.61, WDAY 164.45, ZM 68.04, PINS 18.64, and WIFI 10.95.

The “strong” stocks were BABA 212.10 and MSFT 157.70. There was also a gain on SNAP 16.33. Funds also gained with IJR 83.85, SHCD 57.92, VIG 124.66, and Findlay Park 137.16.

Funds in the UK and Europe were generally a bit stronger and the Buffetology fund was up from 343 to 351.

The adjusted total returns for the year on the portfolios will not match the S&P as cash buffers are in place. The actual numbers need to be worked out on a mainframe, so will wait and see.

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