Early September trades

I finally sold out my remaining position in Premier Oil. The holding has moved in and out of profit, so pleased to take a gain of 10p per share.

Roku has continued its upward path, so reduced a bit more at 167.43. This is still my largest holding, but it never hurts to take some profits along the way. The cash went into a new holding of Workday (WDAY) at 175.16, and as there was adverse reaction to Slack’s first earnings statement since it became a public company I was able to double my holding at 26.6.

Alibaba (BABA) has just announced the acquisition of another Chinese e- commerce company for 2 billion dollars. Kaola will strengthen its position in the growing Chinese import e- commerce market which is still in its infancy and offers good long term potential as standards of living continue to rise in China. Initial market reaction on Thursday was good, but the stock ran into profit taking Friday.

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