Bought Inphi

Added a holding of Inphi yesterday. The company is a global leader in high speed data movement interconnects. So the business is involved in solutions for AI, 5G, data centres, and edge computing.

They have some large accounts, notably Microsoft and Huawei, so need watching closely. But with AI and 5G the view that one needs “to be in it to win it” comes to mind.

A bit surprised that there were no other holders where I do business – and their depot value covering all clients must be about 70 billion dollars. So hope the stock will move into the mainstream sometime soon.

Noticed that Slack (around 29) seems to be out of favour at present. A bit strange as nobody much wants to go to their offices anytime now, working from home has accelerated, and the WHO are talking about two years before things start to return to normal.

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