Bought American Well Corp, Inphi to be acquired.

My online health investment so far has been Teladoc, which is acquiring Livongo. Saw a recent Barron’s article about Cathie Wood of Ark Investments – who seems very keen on telemedicine – the same view as Beth Kindig. So the very recent new issue of American Well (AMWL) looked interesting, and now that the stock has pulled back from its post IPO high, I have bought a holding to add to this sector.

Inphi, bought a few months ago, is being acquired by Marvell Technology for cash and stock. If I cash in this profit the sale proceeds could go into Marvell. There seems to be a merger boom in the semis – Nvidia is buying Arm from SoftBank – AMD is buying Xilinx – now this (smaller) deal.

Noticed that U.K. income funds – where I used to invest – have been selling big oil. Although I hold some Glaxo, I can’t get very enthusiastic about funds whose top three holdings are BAT, Rio Tinto, and Glaxo. Big oil share prices reflect how traders see the U.S. Election – remain weak under Democrats, short term rally under Republicans.

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