Another Roku trade

The target for my recent addition to Roku was the 115 to 120 range. So when the stock price jumped into this range at the close 9th October a sale was imminent . The following opening took the price just North of 120 so I took my profit at 120.56.

This gave me the opportunity to sell in the real world subject to capital gains tax – the purchases of the two lots of 50 shares were in the tax free world of ISA and SIPP.
My rationale was that sooner or later the stock price may be much higher, and I do not wish to have my profits diminished by tax. As things stand this is not the case, as I have a few losses that I can take to bring gains inside the annual tax free allowance in the UK where the tax year ends 5th April.

Thanks for this trade must go to Knox Ridley, a very smart chartist who predicted the rally.

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