An update on stocks mentioned here

Nio has been the most volatile of the bunch. The issue came at USD 6.5 on 12th September and there was a limited chance to get in lower that day, before the price rocketed on the next day. Now at 8.59.
Roku were 56.07 on 18th August – now they are 72.45 and there has been no news of any importance.
The 5G stocks are unchanged to lower since 18th August. Verizon down from 54.79 to 54.42 and Vodafone ADRs up from 22.78 to 22.81 are both high yielders, but neither have gone XD.
Ceragon is lower at 2.95 compared to 3.37. Have not seen any significant news – trivia is that an American comedy called The Oath is being publicised, and Verizon is the proud owner of Oath Inc !

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