Adding on weakness

The US tech sector has been weak of late, so a couple of holdings were increased.

Added to Slack at 25.43 and Mongo DB at 126.56. Both closed lower, but time difference prevents me from dealing in the afternoon NY time. Both of these companies have a long runway, but neither are affected by the present trade war between the US and China. The same applies to many high growth US tech stocks and good numbers should continue whether or not there is a recession in the US.

On the consumer side Roku enabled smart televisions are to be sold by Walmart under their own brand which is usually bargain priced. If there is a recession, I think more people would cut the cord and move to the cheaper internet alternative. And Roku now has its own output (with advertisements) for free, so user numbers should continue to grow even if subscription channels like Netflix experience a period of slow growth given the competition from Disney and others. All the subscription channels are available with a Roku TV or box.

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