A few thoughts about political legacies

I was wondering what kind of political legacy Donald Trump will leave. The Great Wall of Trump does not look too good at present, and foreign affairs look a bit messed up in the Middle East and Far East. Maybe Venezuela and Cuba will offer easier pickings, but he is missing out on a superb opportunity to create a political legacy at home. Adding a new star – Puerto Rico – would not only connect with the millennials but also get him a place in the history books. I can’t think of any other places that might qualify for statehood. There are only a few little islands left, and these could be incorporated into other states over time if they want this. Remember that the Euro Bloc has been increasing in size for some time now, whereas the United States has been stagnant in terms of adding new states since 1959 – part of Eisenhower’s pretty much unbeatable legacy.

Putin is trying to annex bits of the old Soviet Empire, so this will be his political legacy. There are similarities with German expansion in the 1930s – bunch of Commie gangsters – bunch of Nazi gangsters – not much difference as far as territorial ambitions go.

In China Xi Jinping has been quietly building a lasting political legacy, and I doubt that China will upset the applecart by taking back Vladivostok or challenging the American Pacific Fleet too seriously. In fact the only embassy that is seen to do good here in Barbados is the Chinese – Americans should be ashamed of the tat that their people sell in embassy yard sales – cargo cult mentality.

Macron has been handed his political legacy on a gold plate – the President who mobilised the country to rebuild Notre Dame.

Angela Merkel will mostly be remembered as the chancellor who encouraged immigration by displaced people from the Middle East. Risky as this could all backfire.

Theresa May – failure at the Home Office – on a par with Neville Chamberlain as she seems to be willing to commit the country to huge “reparations “ to avoid conflict

And as for the “unelected” Europeans, Barnier is trying to get away from the popinjay images, but still finds it difficult not to gaze into his own reflection, Junker is well known for his drinking, and Donald Tusk is a cheekie chappie who asks for all sorts of state benefits from others – as long as the Poles aren’t paying.

Out of the up and coming, the best political legacy prospect is AOC. She is a great example to people wanting to overturn “jobs for the boys” politics. Nigel Farage is another, but I am not sure that his party will gain much support – except in MEP elections. If you can get it, there is a very good film on Netflix – Knock Down the House – which examines challenges to the established political order.

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