Small flat boxes are beginning to appear on lamp posts and utility poles in many places right now. This is in preparation for 5G – which will take us further into the future of the internet of things by providing for huge increases in mobile data traffic as well as very significant increases in both mobile internet and residential broadband speeds. I think this will be bad news for cable and satellite subscriptions, so these categories are best left alone.
Verizon seems the most interesting large participant as it is positioned to deliver both mobile and residential 5G services.
Smaller Vodafone foolishly sold its 45% stake in Verizon’s cellphone business some years ago – this was the best thing that they owned at the time – and the only winners from this appear to be the large pension funds who kept their Verizon shares offered as part of the deal (U.K. pension funds have favourable treatment under the double tax agreement with the U.S.)Nevertheless they should also benefit from 5G unless management find a way to trash this opportunity too.
Smaller companies involved in 5G include Ceragon Networks who are a wireless backhaul company. They provide the means to connect the flat boxes to cell towers and operators networks, and no doubt they have a few government contracts too in this age of covert surveillance.

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