Added to MongoDB

A small holding in Mongo bought a few days ago has been increased from 0.9% to 2.7% approximately to take advantage of the price dip. All of the major holdings are now looking attractive on a long term basis, but we don’t know where the pullback could lead.

As Facebook has been in the news – AOC wants demergers of Instagram and WhatsApp – I was interested to see that Facebook’s own research tells a clear story. Younger users are flocking to Snapchat and TikTok – older users are posting anti- vaccine memes and arguing about politics.

This older user only looks at a few groups dealing with local items for sale and tourism. NextDoor is much better for local information and items for sale or pick up in London.

Completing the September quarter

A seemingly agreed lowball takeover appeared for Blue Prism, so this holding was sold and a small addition to UiPath maintained sector presence.

Ark Genomics and Vuzix were sold and small new positions initiated in AEHR Test Systems and Mongo DB. Top Ten holdings below saw Marvell go out and Twilio come in as a result of transactions during the month.

1)AMD. 7.2%

2)Roku. 7..1%

3)Nvidia 6.6%

4)Snap. 6.2%

5)Zoom 5.4%

6)Fubo. 5.2%

7)Shopify 5.1%

8)Twilio 4.5%

9) Magnite 4.3%

10) SOI.L 4.0%

These holdings accounted for 55.6% of the overall totals. They are not recommendations – just my own aide memoire of where I stood at the end of the September quarter.