Top ten revisited

Last week I sold a small holding of Bandwidth to clear these out, and added to Zoom with the proceeds. The top four holdings remain unchanged and a few additions and reductions have affected positioning elsewhere.

Roku. 7.4%

AMD. 7.2%

Nvidia 6.6%

Zoom 6.4%

FuboTV 5.3%

Shopify 5.3%

Marvell. 4.7%

Magnite. 4.2%

SOI.L. 3.8%

Voyager. 3.6%

These holdings now account for about 55% of the investments.
Consult investment professionals for investment advice – if they do not know anything about the top four or five stocks maybe it’s time to move on.

A few recent trades

Within my top holdings there have been a few adjustments. Shopify was increased by a third, Fubo by 25%. Part of the cash came from a small reduction in Marvell – chosen because it was very close to a high when others were not.

Moving on to the smaller holdings, I took a profit on Veeva Systems which was not far from its all time high, added to Plug Power, and increased my 2% weight in Chinese vehicle manufacturer Xpeng to 3%. Chinese stocks have been very weak of late and Xpeng new car prices are often a third less than comparable Tesla models. Their P5 sedan appears to be politically correct as a family car. Their P7 was designed to compete with more sporty Tesla models.

Top Ten as at 8th August 2021

None of the ten names have changed from last month but there are a few position changes due partly to additional purchases.

1 Roku 7.7%

2 AMD. 6.8%

3 Nvidia. 5.7%

4 Zoom. 5.4%

5 Marvell. 5.2%

6 Magnite. 4.6%

7 Voyager. 4.1%

8 FuboTV. 3.9%

9 Shopify. 3.8%

10. SOI.L. 3.7%

These holdings total 50.9% of the total portfolio investments. Small holdings are either waiting for additional purchases or earmarked for sale.

This is not investment advice. For that you need a registered/qualified professional adviser or broker.


Looking at the <> 1% holdings, thought it was time to bin Sofi and Tullow, so these two are gone. On the purchase side a 1% holding in Plug Power has been acquired – apparently hydrogen has become cheaper to produce.

Also acquired a 2% holding in an active ETF – Ark Genomic Revolution – a circa $10 billion portfolio run by Cathy Wood. Noticed two familiar names in the top ten holdings, but as for the remaining 90% of the fund I defer to Ms Wood’s research capabilities.