Top five holdings

With overall valuation down about 1% from the last top ten post, a check on where the top five are heading.

Roku – up from 8.4 to 9.2%

AMD. – up from 5.0 to 6.0% (after purchase of additional shares)

Nvidia -=down from 5.5 to 5.2%

Marvell – up from 4.8 to 5.1%

Zoom – up from 3.7 to 5.1% (after purchase of additional shares)

Stocks without trades thus increased by 0.8% in relation to total valuation.

Added to Zoom

I have been thinking of adding to Zoom for a while. Analysis of their latest planned acquisition of Five9 suggests that the business could evolve into a powerhouse. So I started to increase this week at 363 and hope that market choppiness will help me buy a few more soon.

We have seen some big losses of value by Chinese ADRs recently. Think I will maintain present positions in KC and XPEV. American investors are becoming very fearful of Chinese names because of political threats to end US quotes and the general backlash against China. Of course the quotes could be moved to London or Singapore – just a depot change away. There will undoubtedly be a lot of noise but this is reflected in discounted valuation for the Chinese tech sector.

Small add to AMD and Nvidia stock split

Increased my AMD holding by 10% to give a roughly equal weighting with Nvidia. Very much like AMD management – best on the block.

Nvidia has just split its stock so one old share becomes four new shares. There is a lot of chatter about stock splits so here are the irregular rules. A company who splits their stock or makes a bonus issue is usually doing well – if they give out very small options to low level employees 100 shares sounds better than 25 ! The irregular rule is that the share price will most probably rise over the medium term.

A reverse stock split is also known as a consolidation. This usually takes the consolidated share price lower in the short term as many companies that consolidate are penny stocks. How did they become penny stocks in the first place ? Often poor management – or if management recently changed the business itself might be destined for bankruptcy – just because some businesses fail despite having reasonable managers..

Top Ten as at 11th July 2021

I have looked at consolidated holdings across my portfolios today and compiled a list of the top ten holdings by value. This is not a recommended list or any such thing – just a statement of where I am invested at the present time.

No 1. Roku at 8.4%

No 2 Nvidia at 5.5%

No3 Advanced Micro Devices at 5.0%

No 4 Marvell Technology at 4.8%

No5 Magnite at 4.4%

No6 FuboTV at 4.2%

No7 Voyager Digital at 4.0%

No 8 Zoom at 3.7%

No 9 Schroder Oriental Income at 3.6%

No 10 Shopify at 3.6%

These holdings account for 47.2% of my portfolios at the present time.

It’s good doing an exercise like this once in a while. In addition to the bigger holdings you might see some down in the 1% area. Certainly a good excuse to sell anything below 1% – how can a holding that size make any difference ?

Quarter end figures and subsequent trades

The SIPP portfolio did well over the quarter returning 7.48% on a time weighted basis. The one year figures showed a time weighted return of 26.45%.

There was one trade after the quarter end – an additional purchase of FuboTV to bring this holding up to weight.

The Personal Portfolio returns were a bit lower. Up 4.65% over the quarter and 24.22% over a year on a time weighted basis.

After the quarter end there was a small reduction in the Roku holding which needed the weighting in this portfolio reduced. Also a small purchase of Vuzix to increase the overall weighting.

The figures for the two portfolios are never going to be equal because of differences in holdings and cash content. However many of the core holdings are split between the two.

The aim remains to invest mostly in technology for the time being. If the SIPP Portfolio continues to grow there could come a point where half of each holding is sold to enable two different strategies to be pursued.

More tidying up on the quarter day

There were two further sales – the balance of American Well putting me out of healthcare altogether for the time being – too early despite telemedicine being set to expand over the medium term. Also sold Qualcomm for a profit to generate some liquidity and start a holding in Vuzix – a smart glasses company.
I have been aware of AR/VR for a long time but never made any investments in this area. Now heading towards the mainstream, or so the people I listen to think.

I have some approximate quarter day valuation figures, but will wait for the time weighted numbers on both my funds (the other values 5th July).