Updating on recent trades

My tax year for personal investments ended on 5th April. Just before this another small sale of Atomera at $24.56 completed my capital gains and dealt with the remainder of my annual tax free allowance. I still hold Atomera from a low cost base, and my remaining holding is in a tax free account.

After using the net proceeds plus cash to do my annual ISA subscription to the tax free zone, I added to Advanced Micro Devices @$79.14. This company continues to take market share from Intel in the important data centre segment, and is optimistic about current year prospects.

Markets have now woken up to the fact that there is a global shortage of chips, and there are consequences for manufacturing industries. For example, about 50 chips go into each car – so we hear of auto makers slowing production to take account of this.

As for Covid, we see improvement in vaccination numbers coinciding with highly dangerous new variants. Indians are being advised to wear masks when at home with families, Americans are being told that they don’t need to mask outdoors, and Sri Lanka reports a variant that can stay airborne for 60 minutes. Just before the ban on flights from India to the UK commenced requests for extra flights to land from airlines had to be denied to avoid congestion (and infection) in arrival halls. Fake test reports are available in many countries to those who can pay and afford long distance flights.