Sold BigCommerce

Earnings announcement was disappointing and caused a sell off. Next day the stock rallied on an announcement of a deal to get access to Walmart customers. Platform seems inferior to Shopify and Pinterest. So I sold to provide a bit more liquidity.

Looking for a bit more liquidity

Took a small profit on Opendoor after reading about its struggle to become profitable, which could take a long time.

Also reduced Magnite again – the holding is still pretty large and there is a huge gain on recent book cost. I would be happy to see this stock way up by the year end, and researchers are bullish. However the chart is indecisive, and a pullback is certainly an option.

A purchase and a profit taken

I have absolutely no exposure to crypto currencies, and do not intend to get involved in ownership any time soon. But I was interested to hear about the business model of Voyager Digital – quoted in Canada and OTC in the U.S. Then I saw that the company just raised USD 100 million in an equity offering at USD 13.10 – so I thought it right to pay up and have a sensibly sized holding.

I have not held CrowdStrike for very long. However the share price is up from the 130s to 240s. Seemed a good moment to take a profit on half of my holding. As my liquidity in “personal” is lower than “pension” I sold the tax protected holding in “personal”.

Markets have had a good run, so becoming a bit more cautious .

More changes

After Atomera’s results the stock moved lower, but still somewhere in between my first and second sale prices. So for an abundance of caution another 10% were sold today, leaving 70% of the original purchases.

Did some research on Star Peak Energy, which is about to merge with Stem – who style themselves as a Smart Energy Storage business. Like the look of this, so bought today.

Some more sales and purchases

As Atomera and Magnite have shown amazing strength I decided to take profits on another 10% of original holdings for both. That leaves me with 80% of my original Atomera and 75% of my original Magnite holdings. Think the total sale proceeds from these two so far may have exceeded the total costs of both holdings – need to check this.

I had a small holding in Unity Software that was down on book cost – as my smart advisers remain relatively bullish I added to this holding today.

I have also read some interesting comment on Pure Storage and decided to add a holding today as well.

In general reducing holdings that have been very successful and trying out a few more ideas.

Bought IPOE and XPEV

The first company is called Social Capital ……………ends in V. It is a SPAC business which will merge with SoFi, a popular financial app.
The second company is Xpeng, a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer.
Relying on smart people’s research on these two.

Also noticed a company named Hindenburg has been writing negative reports about SPACS – maybe manufactured for bank and hedge fund trading desks. Wonder if they realise that the airship Hindenburg burned then crashed in 1937 – not the other way round.