Bought Crown Castle and CrowdStrike, added to Glaxo.

Since I bought Glaxo the price has been falling so I averaged to take advantage of the near 6% dividend yield.

Crown Castle – a U.S. REIT that owns 4G and 5G infrastructure – has also gone into portfolios now that the dividend has been increased – the dividend yield is 3.4%. The company just focuses on the U.S. unlike some competitors. As 5G phones start to be widely owned the towers and boxes are pretty essential.

CrowdStrike is a cyber security company which has had a few past successes. Cyber security is a marketplace that looks a bit overcrowded, so just started a small holding here. Speaker Pelosi and her husband recently acquired 5,000 shares costing USD 650,000 – I somehow doubt that either of them know much about cutting edge technology ! So my guess is that plenty of work will be given to the company by government agencies.

Bought Shopify

When I reviewed investments yesterday there were a few stocks that I should have bought but have now run away. As I don’t own any retailers apart from a U.K. supermarket company Morrison’s – which seems to be going nowhere – I started a holding in Shopify – one of the new generation of retail disrupters.

I continue to search for interesting investments, but they are not easy to find in this Covid world.