Added to Advanced Micro Devices

There was a chance to buy just below 49 (which I missed) but nevertheless happy to have added at 49.45. AMD stock has not performed as well as a Nvidia recently : both companies stand to benefit from the US wanting to bring more production of chips onshore for security reasons.

Bought The Rubicon Project

Advertising has always been a bit of a mystery to me. But I noticed that The Trade Desk, a buyer’s platform, has been doing well. The Rubicon Project is I believe more of a seller’s platform, and was recently enhanced by merging with Telaria. I have also noticed that there are more investigations going on regarding online “walled garden” advertising platforms operated by Google, Facebook, et al – and we all know what happens to walled gardens on the internet once the walls are breached.

2020 is an election year in the United States, and there do not seem to be any limits on advertising spending there, either by the parties and candidates, or by various political groups – sometimes indirectly funded by the Chinese Communist Party or the Russian Secret Service. Perhaps the slack in ad spending could be taken up soon.

Markets still very uncertain in June

I continue to hold most of my portfolios in cash. However a few new holdings have been bought to add to the Alibaba and Bango which were retained.

In the technology sector, the new holdings are Advanced Micro Devices, Atomera, Bandwidth, F5 Networks, and Lam Research. A new position in my old favourite Roku has also been bought.

Among conventional stocks, I now have holdings in Gilead, William Morrison, and 3M. William Morrison are a UK supermarket company who have been hiring staff to deal with expansion in online orders and deliveries – these types of shopping are already well established in the U.K. so there should not be too many problems. I bought 3M after people who followed their financials year after year – concluding great business but too highly valued – decided that the shares were now good value and worth buying.

I also bought two holdings of U.K. investment trusts covering Far East markets – Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon and Schroder Oriental Income.

So my domestic U.K. exposure is limited to one supermarket business – everything else there has revenue coming from elsewhere.

Roku continues to attract bullish and bearish comments. The real deal here is the gradual movement in TV advertising revenues away from conventional TV to online TV. In the meantime there has been international expansion, and Roku smart TVs seem attractive to women in particular, as they remove a dust trap box with wires from the house and there is only one small remote

I was interested to see that Hertz has filed for bankruptcy in the the car rental business is dead in the water. In an interesting twist, the company is seeking permission to issue $1 billion in new equity – an IBO (Initial Bankruptcy Offering) !! Perhaps the Venture Capitalists who backed Uber and Lyft should take this on, as car hire seems a lot more straightforward than ride sharing.